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Chalifour & Associates, is a consulting and communications firm, created in 2007, aimed primarily at advertisers working at the regional, national and international levels. The company’s main strength lies in the track-record of its president and chief consultant, Jacques Chalifour, whose background covers 35 years working with renowned agencies at the service of a broad range of advertisers, many of whom rank among the top 500. Consulting services offered by Chalifour and Associates include:

  • Communications and Brand Audits
  • Branding, Strategic orientation and Communications planning
  • Coaching in the implementation of optimal communications practices.


Jacques Chalifour BA, BBA, CAAP

Accomplished advertising executive with more than 35 years of agency experience. His many successful postings include Vice-President, Client Services at BCP; General Manager at Maclaren-Lintas Montréal; and President and CEO at Armada Communications Marketing.

Jacques has acted as consultant to such prestigious advertisers as the City of Montreal, St-Hubert Bar-B-Q, Molson Breweries, Coca Cola and Alcan. He has also handled national campaigns for Standard Life of Canada, Imperial Tobacco, Sodisco-Howden and ACTS, a subsidiary of ACE Aviation.

Jacques Chalifour holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Montreal, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from l’École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), and a Canadian Advertising Agency Practitioners Certificate from the Institute of Communications and Advertising (ICA).

Along with his team members, Jacques Chalifour has been commended on several occasions for a number of advertising campaigns and communications projects. The Montreal Publicity Club, Le Mondial de la publicité francophone, the Boomerangs and the London International Advertising Awards count among those organizations which have recognized his achievements.


The Brand Audit helps define the brands DNA as well as its tangible and intangible characteristics.

Based on a proven process but tailored to the need of each client, a Brand Audit is recommended before:

  • Initiating a Corporate strategic planning exercise;
  • Up dating a corporate or brand image;
  • Planning of a brand extension;.
  • Launching a new product.


Developed over recent years by Chalifour & Associates, Communications Audit services are aimed at advertisers who want to improve the effectiveness of their communications through an objective and independent analysis of the resources and methods involved in the development and execution of communications plans, and indeed of the plan itself. Two types of audits are offered:

I. Audit of internal resources and practices.

This audit involves improving practices and enhancing the effectiveness of communications initiatives through a cogent, objective analysis of resources and methods involved in the planning, execution and evaluation of communications initiatives. Such audits can generate reductions of up to and occasionally surpassing 10% of the advertising budget.

Am I a candidate for a communications audit?

  • My overall advertising budget amounts to more than 3 million dollars.
  • Communications activities are carried out in more than one division of the company without the benefit of an integrated annual planning process.
  • Company needs have evolved, and new realities resulting from a merger/acquisition, access to new markets, or a new product launch require a review of resources and methodology in the communications division.
  • The company lacks governing rules, standardized letters of agreement, dialogue and evaluation methods, or key performance indicators, whether for internal use or in dealing with partners/suppliers.

If you have never undergone a communications audit, it is quite possible that acquired rights and entrenched habits have compromised the effectiveness of your communications investment and the competitiveness of your company. In such a case, an audit will generally prove to be very profitable.

II. Communications plan audit.

Designed for advertisers of all size. The communications plan audit is designed to optimize the mix of communications tools used by the advertiser, taking into account specific objectives and distinctive characteristics as well as market position in relation to competitors. This type of audit can give rise to a revision of the communications mix and of key messages, revised budget allocations, and the introduction of key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of communications activity.

Am I a candidate for a communications plan audit?

  • Medium-sized or large business, you would appreciate the opinion of an independent expert.
  • You are questioning the pertinence of your communications mix and your level of investment.
  • You would like to know whether your message is persuasive and if it is reaching your target audience.
  • You would like to receive guidance on your communications choices.
  • If you have a young communications team this is your chance to combine the experience of a seasoned consultant with the energy and vision of a young team.

BRANDING, Strategic orientation and communications planning

When required by the mandate, Chalifour and Associates can enlist top industry professionals in the fields of creation, traditional and on-line media, promotion, public relations and research.

Services offered

Squarely focused on changing attitudes and behaviour, strategic planning offers the following services, in accordance with the needs of the client.

  • In-depth analysis of target groups.
  • Conversion of corporate strategies into communications objectives and strategies.
  • Development and validation of brand parameters, sales arguments and key messages.
  • Development of communication plans and schedules.
  • Formulation of briefings tailored to the requirements of creative personnel, media and other communications disciplines such as Web, PR, DM, internal communications, etc.
  • Maintaining rules of conduct governing associates and suppliers.
  • Creation of a dashboard and implementation of key performance indicators.
  • Preservation of brand image and monitoring of productions.
  • Periodic updating and fine-tuning.
  • Coaching in-house teams and, where necessary, recruitment of personnel.


Coaching services begin with an understanding of the needs and expectations of managers; an analysis of strengths and weaknesses of candidates with regards to expectations; a work plan, and key performance indicators. The broader mandate consists in refresher sessions; review of procedures and improvement of current methods; creation of work templates and optimization of planning tools.

When you enlist the expertise of Chalifour & Associates, you benefit from customized service aimed at tangible results and the development of candidates who will emerge enriched from the experience.


The experience acquired by Jacques Chalifour during his years spent at the helm of a number of advertising agencies and multidisciplinary groups enable him to take charge of a mandate or step into a management position with remarkable alacrity. His rigorous approach combined with practicality and problem-solving abilities enable him to quickly grasp the objectives and the scope of projects, as well as the issues involved, in order to design and implement a plan of action.

His inspiring leadership abilities enable him to foster optimal performance from a results-oriented team. He quickly gains the confidence of his collaborators and enlists their full support in fulfilling the objectives at hand.

His approach is aimed at reaching targeted objectives with maximum economy of activity. Moreover, when the opportunity arises, he will not hesitate to go the extra mile to surpass expectations and give added-value to his contributions.


Jacques Chalifour will not hesitate to call in experts to complement his services or to fulfill the specific demands of a client. Such collaboration enables him to broaden his service base as well as to intensify his thought process and enhance problem-solving abilities.

  • Advertising creative resources
  • Graphic design studio
  • Media planners and buyers
  • Sales promotions and events
  • Experts in DM, promotions and events
  • Web designers and producers
  • Social media strategists
  • Market research houses
  • Human Resources Consultants
  • Experts in anthropology, psychology and sociology.


Brand Audit

  • BOMA Québec
  • Québec International

Communications Audit

  • Groupe Financier Banque Nationale
  • The Royal Canadian Mint
  • Les fonds Universitas du Canada
  • Union des producteurs agricoles du Québec (UPA)
  • Ville de Repentigny

Branding, Planning

  • CanCOLD
  • Génome Québec
  • Hydro-Québec
  • Québec International
  • Transcontinental
  • BOMA Québec
  • CPS Média
  • Union des producteurs agricoles du Québec (UPA)

Coaching, Replacement

  • L’Association des Agences de Publicité du Québec
  • Fonds Universitas


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